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Are Smoothies Healthy? Are They Good For Weight Loss?
Do not mix green vegetables. Salty cottage cheese and a sweet fresh pear make this snack satisfying. Request your latte be unsweetened and made with nonfat milk or soymilk. Cut up a bunch of veggies in thick, grillable slices. Most people seeking rapid weight loss, though, usually do it on their own. Starbucks sells other whole fruit like oranges and apples.

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For this reason, very low-calorie diets VLCDs are considered a reasonable weight loss option for people with obesity having a body mass index BMI greater than 30 needing rapid weight loss for a specific purpose such as weight loss surgery.

VLCDs are doctor-supervised diets lasting several weeks. The meals are nutritionally balanced, but expensive -- people can end up spending thousands of dollars over time. That's for those who finish the program: Weight returns when the diet is stopped and happens rapidly; some experts say its best to take a more sustainable approach to weight loss comparable to that of regular diets.

Most people seeking rapid weight loss, though, usually do it on their own. Frequently, it's to achieve a short-term goal, such as fitting into a dress, or looking good at the beach. Starving yourself is certainly not a good idea. But if you're otherwise healthy, a brief period of extreme calorie restriction isn't likely to hurt you. You should tell your doctor what you're doing, and be sure to include protein in your diet 70 to grams per day.

Take a multivitamin, and eat potassium -rich foods tomatoes, oranges, and bananas. Also, remember that crash diets rarely help you achieve a sustained, healthy weight. Most people put the pounds right back on. Lose 10 Pounds in 10 Days! Drop One Dress Size a Day! So many marketers promise "fast weight loss" it's difficult to sort through them all. Most rapid weight loss pitches fall into these categories: Starvation Diets Beyonce popularized the so-called " master cleanse " diet: Diet Pills and Supplements Dozens of diet supplements promise to speed weight loss.

Creams, Devices, and Magic Voodoo Spells There seems to be no end to the dubious ideas promoted in the name of rapid weight loss. Does Rapid Weight Loss Work? Rapid weight loss creates physical demands on the body. Possible serious risks include: Headaches Irritability Fatigue Dizziness Constipation Menstrual irregularities Hair loss Muscle loss The dangers of rapid weight loss increase with the time spent on the diet.

Research has found that in outpatient medically-monitored programs, meal replacements in liquid form, such as protein-fruit-vegetable shakes, are beneficial for weight loss. As you know, smoothies are popular these days, so popular that sales of make-your-own-smoothie items like blender machines and bags of frozen fruit have risen, say market watchers. Nicely, there are truly healthy choices, like frozen fruit combinations that have no added sugar or juice.

To make your smoothie, simply blend with soymilk or nonfat dairy milk. The truth behind the hype. Do put on your label-reading glasses, however. Many commercially-produced smoothies, though promoted as super nutritious, are anything but. Here are four examples of smoothies that will likely do more damage than good to your waistline and health. Check out the Nutrition Facts label and Ingredient List. A large proportion of the fiber in some of these commercial smoothies is from refined fibers like dextrin and inulin, not fruit puree.

Rather than drinking your calories in a smoothie, start your day with hearty foods that will keep you full for a long time and promote healthy weight loss.

Best Breakfasts for Weight Loss. Department of Agriculture says that a half cup 4-ounce serving of fruit juice counts as one serving of fruit. This is an old trick, but sadly, a lot of people keep getting tricked. But those 80 or 90 calories are for one 8-ounce serving.

Some smoothies, especially the ones you make at home from whole fruits and vegetables, are high in vitamins, minerals, and many other beneficial nutrients. Calories in liquid form have less satiety, or hunger-curbing power, than calories in solid form. Eugenia Killoran has been the food and fitness journalist for the Pritikin Program since She has published more than 3, articles, lectures, and book chapters on a wide variety of healthy living and weight-loss topics. Read Joel Hector's amazing story of losing pounds in days.

I don't think I have ever felt this good. Smoothie Recipe Simple and delish. Artificial Sweeteners The truth behind the hype. Smoothie Alternatives for Breakfast Rather than drinking your calories in a smoothie, start your day with hearty foods that will keep you full for a long time and promote healthy weight loss.

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