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Zone Blocks method
I have been considering Paleo for a while and was too confused and too scared of how and what to do. To estimate how many grams of protein to eat per day multiply your lean body mass, in pounds, by your own activity factor:. Getting Started Blocks The first thing we need to do is establish a system to easily measure and create meals that are balanced with this The benefits from eating Paleo Zone just goes on. Avoid entirely or keep dairy and grains at a minimum. Like the others in this family, the cashew plant contains powerful but natural chemical irritants, so handling and eating raw cashews will cause the familiar itchy skin reaction.

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Zone Diet Calculator

Information about Zone Diet Calculator A zone diet calculator calculates all the measurements in inches. It has different criteria for males and females. In males, for the purpose of calculation, weight, height, waist and wrist measurements are required. While in females, weight, height, abdomen, and hip measurements are a must. The weight should be in pounds. Both males and females are also required to render information about their activity level - sedentary, light, moderate, active, or very active.

After obtaining all the above data, the calculator provides the information given below: Many of them can be downloaded free of cost. You can download one for yourself and calculate your intake of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. This will also help you to know how much proteins, carbohydrates, and fats you should consume everyday which can thus help you to follow a balanced diet. For controlling weight, this diet plan should be followed consistently and regularly. Food Cravings and What they Mean.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Fast Food. List of Simple Carbohydrate Foods. Leave this field empty. Featured April 2, 0. Featured May 11, 0. Featured June 1, 1. Featured July 26, 0. Featured April 6, Featured April 3, 0. I agree to have my personal information transfered to MailChimp more information. Please remember this is just a guide — you don't have to precisely measure everything every meal!

And after you've measured foods a few times you'll get a feel for sizes and won't need scales or measuring cups any more. I will talk more about this ratio in the theory section.

If you have a look at the first few columns in my food table you'll see most foods are classifed as either a carbohydrate or a protein or a fat, and the amount next to each food represents 1 Zone 'block'. One block of a carbohydrate food supplies about 9 grams of available carbs, one block of a protein food supplies about 7 grams of protein, and one block of a fat food supplies 3 grams of fat. Because fat supplies more calories per gram than carbs and proteins a meal with equal numbers of blocks of carbs and protein and fat will have roughly the We call that a 2 block meal.

Unfortunately it can be confusing because that looks like it contains 6 blocks, but a 2 block meal contains 2 blocks each of protein carbs and fat. How much we eat is based on how much protein we need, which is based on how big and active we are. Specifically, we take our lean body mass in pounds and multiply it by an activity factor explained below to get a number of grams of protein to eat per day.

Then we divide that by 7 to get the number of blocks to eat per day, as there are 7 grams of available protein in 1 Zone block. If you don't want to fuss about with these calculations and you're an average size and don't do a lot of exercise you can start with 11 blocks for women and 14 blocks for men then skip to 'Making meals' below. There are various methods to estimate our percentage of body fat using some simple body measurements, the calculator at Dr Sears' site is accurate enough and will do all the block calculations for you too it's free but you will have to register , or here's another one that uses a few extra measurements and may be slightly more accurate.

And to convert to pounds, 53kg x 2.

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