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She has led experiential labyrinth workshops for the Guild, the Labyrinth Society, and other venues in the US and abroad. Meditation calms and focuses the mind and allows us to tap into the potential for deep peace that heals the whole being. I called for an estimate expecting a message machine or no answer like the other tree service companies I called in the Nashua area. His lifelong passion for the transformative power of sound and music has found a place in the use of the Gong as a tool for deep healing since ' Gretchen Carmel Rajeshwari earned a B. User submitted facts and corrections: She enjoys working with clients of any age to achieve their unique health goals.

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Through professional and personal experience she is able to explore and teach movement as an expressive means and creative healing tool. RxRelax with Jay Gupta What is the perfect prescription for inner peace?

RxRelax is a pratyahar practice that leads to inner peace, inner awareness. Come explore the path of this guided, deeply relaxing experience! In a scientific manner, it releases tension and defrags the unconscious, relaxes and trains the mind, and opens us to higher levels of creativity and capacity.

We'll also work with our Sankalpa , or powerful resolve. While this will be a challenging session, modifications will be offered and you can rest whenever you feel the need. Our practice will be dedicated to removing obstacles and recommitting all of our actions to Peace: She teaches a vinyasa, or flowing style of yoga, which links breathe with movement to create strength, flexibility and balance. Elizabeth infuses all her classes with a sense of joy and fun. She grew up in Dorchester, MA second to the youngest in a family of eleven which helped shape her sense of humor.

Through this practice, we gradually learn to reconnect with our innate simplicity, joy and wisdom. Joline will share some gentle breathing and chair movements. Gene will provide instruction and guide a meditation on this practice. Both Beginner and experienced meditators welcomed. Gene Taylor is meditation practice leader at Wonderwell Mountain Refuge.

He is member of the Greater Concord Interfaith Council. As a member of the Interfaith Council he organizes an annual walk for global hunger relief. He is a member of the Buddhist Peace Fellowship and a practitioner of engaged Buddhism. Jolene Csakany has dabbled with yoga on and off for more than 10 years.

She was overweight and felt stuck in a downward spiral when a friend introduced her to Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga. She hated the class at first and could barely keep up, but stuck with it because she liked the teacher who despite the fast pace made sure students listened to their own bodies, taking breaks when needed and reminding that yoga is never about competing with others or ourselves. After a few months she found myself herself looking forward to class, motivated by both physical progress and the moving meditative state the breath work and flow through the asanas creates.

Initially, she joined the teacher training course to improve her own practice, but soon felt she had a lot to share with others and loves being able to help people meet whatever goals they hope yoga can help with- whether it be an improved physical state, relaxation and stress management, or deepening a meditative practice. Friend him on facebook under Romy Valdez Ramjeet Singh. We will rhythmically flow through basic and moderate posture sequences, exploring the combined senses of our breath and body through movement-tasting the mind-body connection, flow to our natural rhythms and connect to all parts of our being.

She has been practicing and sharing traditional yoga for over 25 years. Doris holds a B. Please join me as we attune to the energies of order and proper rhythm, divine grace, personal power, prosperity and manifestation. All levels are welcome. No experience with yoga or mantra is necessary. Gretchen Carmel Rajeshwari earned a B. After many years in the professional world of dance, Gretchen became a certified Kripalu and Vinyasa Flow Yoga teacher.

Gretchen has been practicing, studying, and living Yoga since She brings to her teaching a high level of committment, love for her students, and the joy of mantra, inspired by her teacher Namadeva Acharya Thomas Ashley-Farrand.

Learn how to integrate yoga postures and movement concepts, as we explore the many different ways our bodies can creatively move. Using songs, games and appropriate relaxation techniques, this workshop is experiential and guaranteed to be lots of fun! Rosemary Todd Clough has been teaching, exploring and creating through yoga and creative dance for over 30 years. A teacher to students of all ages, Rosemary brings a depth of experience and a playful approach to all of her classes and to her teacher training - www.

Rosemary has been on the teaching faculty of colleges, schools and nationally certified Yoga Teacher Training courses and was elected a teaching fellow at Harvard University.

She recently completed an Acharya Intensive master teacher at the Kripalu Center and was given a Sanskrit name, Laxmidevi. Rosemary is a mother of five and a grandmother. These movements focus on full body patterns rather than areas of pain and restriction. Habitually contracted muscles can release resulting in increased flexibility, coordination, stress release, balance and proprioception.

It is the brain that controls the muscles, therefore the best method for long term relief is active improvement of the nervous system. This class will include movements for the jaw, neck, shoulders, back, hips, and ankles.

Bring a yoga mat. Laughter has now been scientifically proven to have a powerful and uplifting effect on mood, attitude, creativity, resilience and muscle strength plus many more amazing physiological benefits.

Lisa is the on-air host and producer of the weekly cable television show Z Lighter Side of Transformation. She is also a monthly guest on Thinking Out Loud, a radio and webcast talk show that covers politics and health. Visit her web site www. You will gain, strength, flexibility, and a sense of opening as well as grounding in the body and mind through your practice.

She has a dance background including ballet, modern dance, jazz, bellydance, and yoga dance. She values the transformative aspects of yoga and feels that everyone can benefit from yoga. Please visit Chrome Yoga on Facebook for more information. Chrome Yoga's mission is to employ the practice yoga to polish the body and the mind. Dev This session will be led by two experienced finance professionals who can help bring peace of mind to the whole arena of finance.

Janice Dokla , from Digital Federal Credit Union DCU , will give you an overview of DCU, a not-for-profit organization that is all about saving members money and making your banking less costly and less stressful!

Jai Dev , of Ameriprise Financial Services, will help you give voice to your dreams! Find out how you can bring your dreams more within reach, including a more confident retirement. However, the seminar is not directed only to people at the cusp of retirement.

Jai Dev will also share a brief introduction to holistic financial planning. Janice Dokla has an extensive background in the financial services industry with over 25 years of experience. Dokla is also responsible for business development. Dev is a personal financial advisor, and business financial advisor, who focuses on the financial needs of professionals. He has more than 25 years of experience in finance, having served as the Chief Financial Officer of several corporations including Maha Associates Inc.

For the last 5 years he has been building a successful financial planning practice, primarily in the New England area. With a series of body awareness and focus exercises we will reawaken our energy centers, releasing tension and anxiety, and reclaiming inner balance and a sense of purpose. Lisa Jones has been studying wellness and yoga for more than 35 years. Kaiilama is a lifetime seeker of freedom! Her interest in a variety of spiritual studies i. Her first breathwork experience was so profound and astounding that 6 months later she began to facilitate others towards the goal of certification.

Presently, she is an Assistant Trainer of this Institute. Her passion in life is to assist others in finding their way home to a deeper connection and a relaxed freedom of truly loving themselves. In addition, she continues to love and learn from her greatest teachers her 3 sons and her husband. YogaDance classes are a daily ritual at Kripalu to this day. Sacred yoga dance, called Tandava, dates back to the 9th century predating hatha yoga which is the spectacular physical form of modern yoga that is practiced today.

In addition to classic postures, the asanas combine into a repertoire of simple easy movements that form the basis of a Shake Your Soul class. This format enables you to create an explosion of joy by getting out of your head, finding your inner child and letting preconceived notions and judgments melt away.

She is known for providing personalized attention, ensuring a safe, nurturing and accessible experience for students of all levels.

The Yoga of Dance, a unique approach that brings together the mind, body and spirit through playful movement and dance set to lively and uplifting music. Vicki is an accomplished fundraising and marketing executive, and an independent consultant to the not-for-profit sector. She is a graduate of Emmanuel College in Boston.

Having pursued Shake Your Soul teacher training as a way to explore her love of yoga, dance and music, she is thrilled to be sharing this energizing and joyous form of exercise and mindfulness in New Hampshire. Outside of her Shake Your Soul teaching endeavors, Lisa is an environmental professional and works in the world of organic food. There is a dancer inside all of us. Come to a Shake Your Soul class and reconnect with yours! Very lucky to have a great him as a Dr.

Always there when you need him. Talks to you on your terms so that you can understand what is going on. Always ask about kids and wants to know how his patient is doing. Very down to earth and easy going. He is very personable. He is focused on the patient. Very caring and compassionate. Easy to talk to. Erica is a Registered Dietitian with a B. Erica understands that lasting behavior change is achieved not only through knowing the facts, but also knowing how they apply within the context of real life.

By utilizing this client-centered approach, she creates a positive, collaborative environment for individuals of any age to achieve their wellness goals. She is dedicated to empowering her clients to make lasting changes by providing them with education, support and accountability. Erica has devoted her life to the pursuit of wellness and enjoys helping others live well so they can feel their best! Making realistic, lasting changes can be even harder.

As a practicing dietitian since , Michelle — a mom and a runner — knows life gets crazy and no one is perfect. She uses a unique counseling style that appreciates there is no one-size-fits-all approach to eating and focuses on treating clients with compassion and empathy. She has a special interest in overall wellness and working with kids and families to improve their health.

Michelle is committed to helping clients build on their successes and establish a healthier lifestyle, one change at a time. She completed her Dietetic internship through Montana State University. She studied nutrition and agriculture at the University of Camerino in Italy. Briana helps individuals plan out a balanced lifestyle to meet their unique nutritional needs and fitness goals. She has sports nutrition hours working for the Minnesota Twins Baseball Organization during their Spring Training, Briana enjoys rock climbing, skiing, trail running and cooking wholesome, nutrient-dense meals and snacks for her athletic outing trips.

Salem NH 59 Stiles Dr. Windham, NH 3 Industrial Dr. Boston Heart Clinic Phone: There is so much confusing information regarding how and what to eat. She sees how education and behavior change around food can help us live a healthier lifestyle.

Jaclyn has experience teaching about food and nutrition in many different settings including fine dining restaurants, hospitals, low-income populations, senior centers, employee worksites, and elementary through high schools. Her areas of expertise include meal planning, weight management, cooking demos, and disease prevention.

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