Fresh, chef-inspired meals delivered to your door.

What Do You Eat On NutriSystem?
Although there are no general exercise guidelines with the Nu-Kitchen service, if you enroll in the Nu-Kitchen program, you receive a fitness assessment from one of their fitness experts who help tailor an exercise program for you. I like it I don't like it I have a question. For many people, simply tackling dietary choices can mean all the difference in the world for their weight. Fat Shrinking Signal System The Fat Shrinking Signal is the step-by-step slimming program which helps you to turn off your hidden hormonal disorder and activates your belly shrinking signal that helps you to strips away your ugly fat in only 10 minutes. Consider NutriSystem, and know that you'll have as much variety as you do now and the option to enjoy nearly all of your favorite foods.

Fresh and healthy meals delivered to you.

Finding the Right NutriSystem Program for You

I'm definitely not hungry after a meal. I do wonder if I'll end up losing any weight though because the calories for the day range from I left a review last week and realized my thumbs up didn't register. So I am voting this thumbs up. I also wanted to add that my experience with customer service has been excellent, they have always been quick to respond to my emails and I've spoken to them on the phone as well. Again, I want to say this is the best diet meal service I have ever tried.

Let me just say, I have finally found a meal plan that works for me! I personally LOVE this plan. You name it, I've tried it. This is why I love this diet. The food is refrigerated. I love the meals. I've been doing this for 2 months now and have done trial and error on the meals so I know which ones I like.

The food keeps me completely satisfied and I don't have to buy one single item from the grocery store. This is the best thing you can get outside of getting a daily service to your door. Now that Nutrisystem has bought NuKitchen, I am able to get the next best thing - a refrigerated weekly meal delivery.

They offer 7 days or you can even choose 5 days a week and do your own thing for 2 days. I just feel very lucky because I have finally found something that I like, which is amazingly convenient, it's healthy food and I am losing weight.

The desserts are great. I tried this because I was hesitant to try the shelf food. This food was not tasty at all. Other than the snacks I would not recommend this portion of Nutrisystem. If you don't eat the food within the required time frame the food molds. I went on and canceled this portion and signed up for the Nutrisystem Select. Do not use this diet. The "fresh" foods are prepared 1 week before you receive them. There is no customer service.

I am really, really happy with Nu-Kitchen for Nutrisystem. I did try Nutrisystem but this food is so much better. I had looked into other vendors who bring fresh food to your door daily but that was too expensive. It is completely a no-brainer. You don't need to add anything, absolutely everything you eat is delivered.

I highly recommend this service and I am losing weight!!! The food is great and I can customize the choices I like. I did previously use regular Nutrisystem but I feel alot better about using this fresh food which is refrigerated because it doesn't contain all those chemicals.

Nu-Kitchen programs allow you to eat three meals a day plus two snacks. Sample dishes include hot millet with caramelized fruit for breakfast, Hainese chicken with julienne vegetables and whole grain rice for lunch, pistachio and lemon crusted lamb for dinner and baked apples with cinnamon streusel and peanut butter brownies for snacks.

Although there are no general exercise guidelines with the Nu-Kitchen service, if you enroll in the Nu-Kitchen program, you receive a fitness assessment from one of their fitness experts who help tailor an exercise program for you. Nu-Kitchen is a popular meal-delivery program that differs from other programs because they deliver fresh, not frozen, meals and you get to control what you eat and how often you receive the meals.

They offer a variety of programs that are tailored to different lifestyles such as new moms, women who stay at home, individuals who work and those who want to lose weight.

While this service features great food and a lot of convenience, it does cost money and it does not teach you how to prepare your own healthy meals. If you are interested in checking out Nu-Kitchen, they frequently offer discount coupons on first orders.

The food was high in fiber but often was bland and was very high in fat. Even though it was good fats, I was eating over 60g of fat a day which was too much for my particular diet. Their portions were good and their variety was ok. Most meals I had to add some spice and flavor to make it tasty. Some meals I didn't even eat because they just looked unappetizing. Also, their calorie option, when added up, came to calories.

About 2 years ago I signed up for a month of delivery. The food was delicious, but definitely not for the diet conscious. The nice part was the food was delivered daily in NYC and was extremely fresh. This program is not what it is billed to be. The "fresh" food are mailed 1 week in advance!!! There is no customer service. They lie on the phone. If you are a professional, forget it. I've signed up for the 3 day trial and am planning on doing trials of the fresh diet and chef's kitchen also.