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Prepared Meals for Weight Loss
Celiacs and people with gluten-sensitivities who want to eat a completely gluten-free, allergy-friendly diet without processed foods Health-conscious people looking to improve gut health, avoid brain fog and reduce inflammation Active individuals seeking to improve energy levels and enhance athletic performance. Their meals are always gluten free and they try to always use meat and produce that is locally sourced. Whatever works best for you! Just found out I am gluten free wish I had free meals come to my door I am on a fix income. Sculpting that healthy, beach-body has never been easier! The prepared meals are delicious, the ingredients are fresh and healthy, and the recipes are easy to follow. Our meals are packed in biodegradable boxes and sealed instantly for freshness.

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Healthy Diet Meals Plans Delivered

Naturally free from gluten, sugar and artificial ingredients, but packed with fiber, vitamins and minerals to support your well-being. We deliver your fresh meals to your office or home once a week in sealed containers, and you just throw them in the fridge and heat them up as you please.

No food-prep, grocery shopping or cleanup required! We truly believe that gluten-free recipes can be both healthy for your body and tantalizing on your taste buds. To ensure that, our team of professional chefs craft unique meals every week, inspired by cuisines from all across the world. To make our recipes shine, we use whole foods that are nutrient-dense and brimming with natural flavor.

Not just fresh fruits and veggies, but also protein-packed fresh meats and gluten-free grains like amaranth, buckwheat, quinoa and wild rice.

To top it all off, eating healthy, delicious food no longer has to break the bank. Tasteless gluten free food is history. All of our dishes are crafted by expert chefs and packed with natural flavor from organic, in-season, local produce. Delivered fresh to your door never frozen ready to heat-and-eat. We focus on whole foods that are naturally gluten-free, which means our meals are low in fat, salt, sugar and calories, but still packed with goodness. No artificial flavors, preservatives or processed ingredients in sight.

All prepped in a fully gluten-free facility to avoid cross-contamination. You no longer have to scour expensive health food stores and dip into your savings just to stay gluten-free and healthy.

Take all the work out of gluten-free living. We source the very best ingredients, prepare them into delicious meals, and deliver them to you once a week. All you have to do is choose what you fancy, when you fancy it, heat it in your oven or microwave, and enjoy.

Dip your toe into the gluten-free waters with a delightful lunch meal - jammed with flavor and ready-to-eat in a matter of minutes. Tuck into your nutrient-dense, scrumptious lunch and dinner whenever you need.

Perfect for going the whole way, putting your gluten-free diet on complete autopilot and enjoying long-lasting results with your diet and well-being. Conveniently pick online from our changing weekly gluten-free plans, or choose your own individual meals from our organic A La Carte menu. Whatever works best for you! Your delectable, gluten-free, dairy-free meals are whipped up by our professional chefs and delivered right to your door each week. This is done by ensuring our food is cooked and flash-frozen to preserve freshness and flavor.

By using this method, our products require no fillers, hidden sugars nor bad carbs while benefitting from the fact that they contain either low or no gluten. The proven Personal Trainer Food program is designed to help you quickly lose weight the right way and give you a system to keep it off. Good habits are the keystone to losing weight. Personal Trainer Food combines great food through a healthy meal plan with daily routines to build healthy habits that help you achieve your goals and maintain your results.

We think one of the best aspects of our weight loss meal delivery plan is that there are no complex points or counting systems involved! With Personal Trainer Food, you get prepared meals for weight loss, free support and free shipping with no hidden fees. Sign up for our free newsletter to receive helpful tips and inspiration as well as promotional offers and special discounts on our food delivery for weight loss. Check your inbox for a message to confirm your email address. Once confirmed, you'll start receiving exclusive offers, discounts, and our weekly newsletter!

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