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How To Keep Going on Nutrisystem
Just call and ask. Most coupon codes are for new customers which I am not. We are sorry that they were not clear to you. I received the email that I will be charged for next months in several days, however we have decided the plan is not for us- but shakes would be nice. This information is also published on the official Nutrisysten website, which you can read for yourself by clicking your mouse on the image below. Here are the reasons why:.

Why Auto-Delivery Anyway?

Nutrisystem Canceling? ?

I cancelled my account on 8;17 a. It is the 16th of April and their still not here. I did not get an answer the other times. I have had an absolute nightmare with Nutrisystems. The next day I find out not only have they shipped a full order at full price, but they had shipped the partial as well. I tried calling in several times and when I was able to get someone live they were rude then put me on hold forever.

I am still unable to get someone live? I do not pay for something I am not buying. How can this be a fair charge? The 1 month shipment was already billed. Notify me of new posts by email.

Leave this field empty. Nutrisystem Phone Number to Call to Cancel: Hi Linda — I would recommend calling Nutrisystem customer service: I delayed my second shipment for one-two months, however forgot to call nutrisystem customer care and close the account. I was asked to reject fedex shipment and ask fedex to return back the shipment for refund also to avoid any shipping fees.

So I did the same and shipment was returned. I contacted nutrisystem customer care, and agent had no interests in helping me, instead kept on explaining me this fee is based on a previous discount! Customer care service did everything in their power to resolve this complaint. All attempts to contact the complainant have failed.

Therefore, this complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and it's services are concerned. Hello Mike, Thank you for writing a review about your experience with Nutrisystem.

We are sorry to hear it was not a good one. We would like to contact you regarding your experience and look into this for you. Would you be willing to write us at consumerexperience nutrisystem. We look forward to hearing from you. The Nutrisystem Consumer Experience Team. Forewarned is forearmed , after all! You might think that getting customers to sign up for auto-delivery might sound pretty underhand at first blush, but when you stop to consider the company's position it is actually pretty fair.

Of course you need to know about it before you sign up for the program because it's important so that you can avoid any unnecessary additional costs that you may not have otherwise been aware of. Here are the reasons why:. The company are in this business to make a profit. When they advertise a great offer, like money off the first month or free weeks of food, someone still has to pay for that, and if the customer isn't paying, then the company is.

That means they don't get a profit. Well, the delivery driver still has to be paid for shipping the food to your home. The raw ingredients for the food have to be paid for. The company employees have to be paid for preparing the food and packaging it up. The customer support people have to be paid for taking your calls. All up the line, people have to be paid and that money comes out of the price the customer pays for their diet.

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