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It feels to me like zoning out, like an out of body experience. I was diagnosed with this plus being insulin resistant. Create Your Plate is a simple and effective way to manage your blood glucose levels and lose weight. I was surprised I had not had a random organ fail, but that is more to my point: And for lunch kinda hungry but not really so I ate fresh home made crab salad with some wheat club crackers. Festive Foods and Easy Entertaining. November 13, at 5:

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Causes bloating, easy to gain unnecessary weight. Greasy, processed food along with mystery meats. Quick, ready to eat. Some long lines can add time spent waiting for food to be ready. Quality ingredients, nutritious and sustainable. Time spent grocery shopping, making lists, standing in line adds up. Additional time spent meal planning, prepping, cooking and washing pots and pans.

Unknown quality of ingredients, preservatives, chemicals, artificial color and flavors in food. Excess amount of sodium and calories. Time spent driving and waiting to be seated at a restaurant. The food is packaged beautifully and has always been delivered on time. Fresh N Lean makes eating healthy fun and easy!

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Our Meals Never Contain When you use our meal prep delivery plan, you can be sure that our meals never contain: Choose A Meal Plan Are hidden costs taking a bite out of your pocket? Time Quick, ready to eat. Affordability Costly and unhealthy. Organic Home Cooking Quality Quality ingredients, nutritious and sustainable. Time Time spent grocery shopping, making lists, standing in line adds up.

That use to be a compliment. Until I was old enough to have diabetic complications.. Im one who always works out…Played sports… Good weight..

Not a lot of life stress…. So i ddnt believe complications were even an option. Im 32 amd feel like an old woman. I cant see…My teeth hurt.. My feet hurt all the time…. My back hurts… I vomit from celiac all the time….

And im a pretty good looking individual, so youd never know that i feel so horrible all the time. Ive tried It all. The one thing I didnt try, was treating my diabetes like a disease, as i should have been rather than this romantisized "Blessing" everyone tries to tell me I have.

Oh "At least you dldnt get cancer! Bc then I would have to deal with a chronkc disease all day everyday, right?! Especially you young kids…or parents of young kids w diabetes…Dont make yourself or child believe that listening to the body is not being good enough bc its giving in. Dont confuse yourself or your kid by maling it "Seem" like it "Should be" something else…Bc then when the result isnt what was implied, its a feeling of failure.

I would be in such better shape w diabetes had I of accepted that when my sugar is high, im going to lay down and it doesnt matter what anyone thinks of me! Or my sugar is low and instead of trying to be polite and finish the conversation that I cant even understand bc im half unconcious, im goimg to sit down NOW and take a pause really qUick.

This isnt a "Fight Against Diabetes" like all the tshirts say. Who would succeed at being taught their entire lives that they had to fight their body, while making sure its always ok and is lifes 1 priority?? Your 1 priority cannot be something you believe you are "Fighting against" every single day for the rest of your entire life. Thats a tall freaking order when youre a young kid- Or an adult.

I say this under the high sugar forum simply bc high sugars for me are the biggest problems having this disease. They are a crappy feeling….

And they last and last in consideration to how you feel. Not to mention, long term complications stem from high sugar. It was worth the read….. The Diabetes is your only absolutely dedicated, permanemt piece of your life- Nobody elses, nobodies. You arent "Fighting Diabetes" or "Giving in" to it if you address a feeling right away rather than waiting for an even bigger problem to manifest from it. You are the only person who can teach others how to manage your diabetes with you….

Let it be known, if you need to do something to make yourself feel better- it is happening no matter what. Your kid who has diabetes is capable of keeping it together…They wont be perfect…You calling them out for food they eat-Giving them "The look" from across the kitchen— or never leaving them alone about it, isnt helpIng… Ask them how they feel about it…Let them speak, dont reply w a solution to everything- Sometimes as a youngster w diabetes, you dont eant a solution… You want someone to take your word for what you are telling them and just hug you for them.

Dont make this lifetime journey this stressful mess that the parents have reigns on- While holding tight!! That will cripple them in the end. Let them try food. See what it does. See how to correct it. Your kid will never be a robot…. Lastly, always rememer everyone….

Especially parents w diabetic kids- There is nothing additional in a diabetics braim that enables them to be a super human who SIMPLY doesnt like the normal things in life. Every kid does the same stuff…Diabetics already have more pressures in a day than normal people…. Dont make hem feel lile they are failing simply by questioning their God given desires to be hUman.

Watch over them, obviously, but dont make it like they have the almighty power to control it all….. Thats exactly what turns into a huge attitufe problem w diabetes, for life….. Making a person resent it and ignore it….. High Sugars for me: Smells are too much to handle…perfume.. The back of my nose feels like im breathing in broken Glass down my throat.

Carbonation is the ONLY thing that tells me get rid of that insane thirst -Water touching me tells a lot…. If im ever out of strips to check my sugar— I could stand in a hot shower and tell instantly if my sugar is high.

Same broken glass feeling in the back of my. Hot house is the worst. Sugars also depend on what time it is too. Highs and lows symptoms will change depending on timing…Location…Mental awareness…. All of it makes a difference. Highs at night- i cant STAY asleep. In school just suck all the way around w a bad sugar. Diabetes is no fun…. But its not a. Embrace it before it kicks. Let your kids be kids….

Worry will paralize your child with diabetes. Let them screw up ad many times as they possibly can now -So they know how to handle it when they leave your house! You will worry less at that poimt if you know they are prepared!! And make them learn how to cook with you too!! Hi my name is Stacey. I have no idea what to do, what kind of medicine to take , or anything. The dr just told me and said we would check my a1c and then figure it out in 4 weeks.

I just stopped smoking. I have stayed thirsty my entire life, had bad headaches, severe panic attacks, it goes on and on…lots of other things to cover up diabetes. I have no idea what this has done to my body. You seem very nice. And the effects of jacked-up blood sugar are weird. Diabetics describe high blood sugar hyperglycemia as slowing everything down and slathering it with whipped cream.

Your brain gets […]. Im a type 1. I want to crawl out of my skin. I feel naseous at least once a month. My husband thinks Im making it all up because I did so well for ghd first 10 years. Its so frustrating because everyone that knows me thinks I should be a pro at this by now after this long. I go to my Dr and do what he expects of me but I still feel awful. I have been previously diagnosed with pre diabetes 6.

Once I got home, all I could get the energy to do was change my site to get rid of the inclusion. It felt like it took me hours to change something that only takes minutes. I spent the rest of the day and night laying down with a headache, nausea, and just an overall dull body pain that kept me up all night even after my blood sugar came back to normal from being Even today, I still feel sluggish and all I want to do is lie down. After al that, had to deal with waking up to a low blood sugar this morning, making things even worse.

I hate feeling like this. Weird, my highest was …is that high as a highest? My primary-care doctor started me on it over a year ago when I was prediabetic and over the course of three weeks my heart began to thump heavily. When it became continuous I quit the Metformin and the thumping disappeared after days. Nowadays I feel like I going to die or something serious is going to happen what is the reason of that or is normal????? Anxiety is very normal with diabetes.

Maybe talk to your doctor about it, or go on forums to discuss how other diabetics feel. It made me feel better when mentally trying to deal with it. Go to the doc, maybe you have anxiety too? I read these replies of feeling sluggish, I feel the opposite! It feels like an intense all day panic. Maybe you are experiencing this too? Hot, panicky, restless, dizzy…. I was in the hospital for 4 days. For some reason I have so systems even when I went it with my surgar being at I was still walking around and talking but I knew somthing was wrong cause I was peeing a lot and drinking a lot of water it hurt so bad to pee has anyone else have no systems when itshe high at I only weigh pounds.

I just think the symptoms are usuall symptoms that people put off like being tired all the time going to the bathroom a lot and other things can be related to other symptoms to you just have to be aware that you have diabetes and when the symptoms hit you just have to know your sugar is high just keep reading up on it and do research as much as possible hopefully this will help.

Diabetes is still new to me everyday is a struggle trying to keep it normal i try to eat right it still goes up hi I have to take my fast acting insulin before I eat all of my meals. I take 6 shots a day.

My stomach is swollen from taking the shots I wish there was a easier way to deal with my diabetes I wish I had more systems when it gets high to. Every pill or shot has left me so Sick and riddled with unexplainable pain. Anxiety or cramps to die for. Oh my, please educate yourself on the effects of high blood sugar over the long term.

It is a long slow progress of losing function and ability. Ask anyone who is on dialysis from kidney failure. I am sympathetic and it sounds like you need help with adjusting back to good health.

Please speak to your doctor and tell them how you really feel so they can help you. I hate to see someone throw their life away because they are not able to see the reality beyond now. Best wishes, live for today, plan for tomorrow. If anyone can help me figure this out. The dr has not out me on meds or have me a meter. I have stayed thirsty for 20 or more years. I pee40 or more times a day. I am scared to death. I have a heart defect and also IC so my symptoms have been over looked.

For At least 20 years. So my 4 year old is t1, I have a 35 year old friend who is t1 also since he was young. My friend did all the above, he now lives in a nursing home, he will never leave, at He has had both his legs amputated, and is in permanent kidney failure, at He is blind, has been for some time, and his mind is going, at He struggles with depression, and lacks the physical strength to improve even if he could muster the will.

Trust me, if you have to steal your supplies, it would be worth it. I pray that I can teach my son how important it will be for him to stay diligent and monitor his body and condition and stick with it. Maybe in his lifetime we will see a cure. No candy sugar through the roof, candy, normal readings. Anybody else have; his or know what it is?? Sounds like more education on the spikes of sugar intake and related spikes of hi then low insulin levels in the body.

Avoiding sugary foods or eating wisely to avoid spikes is halfway there to feeling better. No one- diabetic or not- gets a different effect. She is not different, but maybe you are not catching the BS at the right times, and remember behind every BS is the mirrored insulin effect.

Everything said makes sense. I also like what Liz has on her article http: Type 2 diabetic, agree with all the symptoms from the high blood sugar, when ever i get in a slump of days of not feeling good, I switch to salads for breakfast and seen an immediate improvement of feeling better. I am having similar symptoms. I get so sluggish where I can barely get through my day at work. My head feels very heavy and tingly. I also have trouble concentrating and staying focused.

I get blurred vision and I also have the feeling that my arms are just like big heavy weights. And I am normally quite a nice person but I have been so irritable. My doctor said I was a prediabetic about eight months ago. But, she just told me to watch my diet. I thought I was but something is not right.

When I feel high my whole body hurts, I grt cramps and Im really mean but I also get very hot and feel like im going to be sick. Type 1 diabetic since age 9. With extreme highs, I feel like my blood is like corn syrup and my chest hurts in my head it is bc my heart is pumping my sugar syrupy blood.

My body feels heavy and my heart races. There is also the thirst and need to pee. These tasty clusters offer up two appetite-suppressing components: The oatmeal includes 1. I have never had a problem with high blood sugars.

Even 12 years ago. I usually find my self with low blood sugars but never high. Today I woke up with soap. Have had it all day I ate an apple for breakfast had about 4 oz of orange juice to take Ibp. And for lunch kinda hungry but not really so I ate fresh home made crab salad with some wheat club crackers. About I have been feeling over all like crap today. Tired fatigue sickie like all day.

I pick up kids from school get home I felt lightheaded dizzy drunken like feeling sick to stomach could hardly stand swaying while walking like I was drunk head spinning and just felt like I was going to throw up. I called my mom asked to use her machine checked my sugar level and I was at I knew something was not right. Still feel like crap fatigue tired thirsty now hungry for the first time today. Still Have diarrhea head hurts upset stomach fatigue and so on. So my question is could this be just something random and what may cause this to happen?

Or is this the beginning of diabetic stages? Today I woke up with diarrhea. I feel the same way it feels like I have a sugary sludge throu my vains it makes me feel slowed down and all the symptoms they listed I feel like I have and am experiencing also some times I can feel a spasm around the pancreas area. My son is a type one Brittle diabetic- just spent his umpteenth stint in the hospital in Texas- brought him to New York with me, and he has done nothing to cause these rollercoaster readings.

We have a pump on the way, and I am so sorry how diabetes makes people feel! Horrified that he is shutting down. I HATE that any person should feel so bad! When I got home I changed things out and fell on the bed….

I was diagnosed in after a 3 year bout with un-diagnosed Pancreatitis. I do not drink. I do not get thirsty and I do not urinate a lot unless I am drinking a ton of water, which I do because of being on Farxiga. It seemed to work well for a while but then I got pneumonia in and had to go on prednisone for a month. Took a year for my A1c to return to an acceptable number. I was at 9.

Now I am at 8 and have changed nothing. I do ballet exercised every morning and a dance routine aerobic type pretty much every other day. I am rarely hungry, but eat on schedule and make sure to limit carbs. My average meal intake is no more than 45 grams. I did spend 2. I am discouraged and angry at the same time. He wants to add Metphormin even though I have a history of pancreatitis and told him that when given Metphormin I had terrible pains in the stomach. I understand the ramifications of diabetes, but pancreatitis is even more dangerous and happens faster.

I am not lying when I say I do not like sweets, I do not. I may go with hubby on Friday to get an ice-cream cone, but that is all. I know other diabetics who never watch what they eat and have no problem keeping their A1c in check. I do have RA, have been having terrible headaches for the past month, and was on Amoxicillin for a sinus infection at my last bloodwork.

I know these are all factors. Would you wait another 3 months for a recheck and then make a change, or would you try the Metphormin? Sorry to ramble — this is so frustrating. By using this form you agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. The American Diabetes Association cites the following symptoms as indicative of high blood sugar: Duh] High levels of sugar in the urine Frequent urination Increased thirst And if high blood sugar goes untreated?

You might also like: You may also like Recreating the Pee Alarm. An Interview with Natalie Balmain. November 6, at August 8, at 7: December 27, at June 14, at 3: June 17, at June 19, at 9: June 21, at July 8, at 1: August 3, at 3: March 2, at 5: May 13, at 3: May 19, at March 26, at These are the healthiest snacks you should always keep at work.

Yogurt, especially Greek yogurt, is a protein-packed, low-carb snack, and topping it with fruit makes it even better. Greek yogurt also makes a great breakfast and a serious mood-booster. Here are 10 tasty ways to top Greek yogurt. Almonds, walnuts, pecans, peanuts, and cashews contain the healthy monounsaturated fats that lower cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart disease. Because many nuts are high in calories almonds are the lowest , stick to an ounce, or about the amount that will fit in the palm of your hand.

Hummus, salsa, and guacamole may seem like unhealthy options for their fat content. However, these are heart-healthy fats that satisfy cravings and keep you fuller longer. Keep servings about 2 tbsp. Get in an extra serving of vegetables by nibbling on grape tomatoes, carrots, red and green peppers, cucumbers, broccoli crowns, and cauliflower. Broccoli is also one of the best superfoods for diabetics. Cook non-starchy vegetables such as spinach, onion, celery, green beans, and squash in some vegetable or chicken stock.

These are the best and worst soups for weight loss. Helena Hospital in Napa Valley, California. You can also swap the dark chocolate for another healthy chocolate. Try these other healthy breakfast smoothies. Seal them in a sandwich bag and throw it into the freezer. You can eat 20 red seedless grapes and still consume only calories. Did you know you can grow grapes indoors? An apple with the skin contains about 3 grams of fiber.

The skin packs a double whammy, carrying healthy soluble fiber that helps to lower cholesterol and prevent heart disease and antioxidants that fight free radicals and lower the risk of diabetes complications.

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