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This is an essential building material of cells, hormones and bile. This can result in very complex disease conditions. The majority of people with gallstones have no signs or symptoms and are unaware of their gallstones. The treatment for sphincter of Oddi dysfunction is sphincterotomy described previously. Any woman in menopause can benefit from a series of liver flushes. Typically, radiation treatments are given 5 days a week, for up to 6 weeks.

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22 Best Foods To Prevent Gallbladder Stones

In cases of cholecystitis, a steady dull pain may be experienced instead of sharp pain. Even so, the pain may become severe at times, and usually remains localized to the upper right abdomen; additionally, there may be fever and nausea. If the gallstones do not yield evident symptoms when they first form, the person may remain asymptomatic for many years.

A relatively sudden appearance of symptoms is likely an indication that gallstones have recently formed or recently enlarged. Persons with long-term gallstone disorders are more likely to discover their disorder only if there is an ultrasound screening for other complaints.

Even in the chronic asymptomatic cases, however, gallstone disorders will eventually cause symptoms in some individuals as the severity of the disease slowly progresses and causes more stagnation of the bile flow. The major threat of untreated or unsuccessfully treated gallstones is the possibility of a gallstone blocking the bile duct.

This blockage can lead to pancreatitis, which potentially develops into a life threatening condition. Also, gallstones can lead to the development of cholangitis, an infection of the bile ducts within the liver; this condition can rapidly become fatal. Since bile duct blockage is associated with strong pain, the combination of pain and threat to health are usually sufficient reason for going ahead with emergency gallbladder surgery.

Gallstones mainly occur in association with the combination of having a sedentary life style with a diet that is high in fat and low in fiber.

While the process of stone formation may be slow, with stones forming over a period of years, gallstone formation can be accelerated in some circumstances.

The two known situations that acutely increase the risk of gallstone formation and gallstone growth are: Finally, the use of cholesterol-lowering drugs, mainly the fibrates and the somatostatin analogue octreotide, are associated with increased incidence of gallstones.

Women are more likely than men to develop gallstones, particularly after age The most typical profile of a modern gallstone sufferer is a woman in her 40s or 50s who has had two or more children, is obese, and has participated in weight loss programs to attain rapid weight loss.

Practitioners of natural healing should be alerted to the fact that coffee is a stimulant to bile flow and that having patients suddenly cease coffee consumption due to the belief that coffee is harmful can increase the chances of gallstone formation and gallstone enlargement.

This is particularly of concern for obese patients who adopt a dietary change that successfully reduces body weight. Additionally, recommending a diet that is too low in fat may cause further problems by reducing the bile flow. Treatments aimed specifically at removal of gallstones with Chinese herbs were first described in the Chinese literature of the post-revolutionary period. A review of accomplishments in this field was published in the English language Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine, in a article: Advances in the treatment of cholelithiasis by expulsion of the gallstones 2.

Beginning in the 's, various gallstone expulsion decoctions referred to as lithogogues were devised by doctors working on this problem and these were proclaimed moderately successful. The decoctions mainly contained herbs from three therapeutic categories:. The most frequently mentioned herbs in the various decoctions were: Sample decoctions are According to laboratory animal studies, these decoctions relaxed Oddi's sphincter this is mainly attributed to the action of rhubarb and promoted duodenal peristalsis most strongly affected by mirabilitum.

It is believed that the expulsion of stones came about primarily from increasing the flow of bile herbs with this property are called cholegogues and this action is accomplished mainly by the herbs that clear damp-heat while relaxing the sphincter that controls the output of bile, thus allowing stones to exist. This method of therapy relies on heavy dosage decoctions with quick action, usually taken over a period of just one week. Although most patients so treated would excrete some stones, the effectiveness of this method was somewhat limited in terms of the proportion of patients who could become either free of stones or have very few residual stones, so new methods were developed, mainly during the 's.

The new methods involved a "general attack therapy" aimed at an even stronger and more rapid stone expulsion. The method had three steps:. The whole procedure lasts about 2 hours. The phase of retention of bile is carried out as long as the patient can tolerate it, which is usually about 40 minutes.

The explanation of how this method works is that "with the bile rushing out in large quantities and the pressure in the bile ducts falling suddenly, stones in the latter are expelled in one fell swoop or in quick succession. It is claimed that this general attacking method of therapy gives a higher rate of success than the simple stone-expelling decoctions tried previously. The strong therapy, using heavy doses of mirabilitum magnesium sulfate and injection of herb extracts or drugs intramuscularly, is not something that could be used in the West.

Indeed, in order to tolerate the retention of bile phase and the potentially painful expulsion of larger stones, continuous anesthesia was applied via an epidural catheter in some cases. As detailed accounting of one of the regimens was outlined in Pharmacology and Applications of Chinese Materia Medica This stimulates bile secretion.

This restricts Oddi's sphincter, builds up bile pressure, and relieves pain. This relaxes Oddi's sphincter to allow bile to flow out. This induces rapid bile flow and duodenal emptying. This further stimulates flow of bile.

This stimulates further dispensing of bile. This causes the gallbladder to contract and alleviates symptoms of stone passage. Patients with cholecystitis or cholelithiasis were hospitalized for an average of 34 days. They were treated daily with a lithogogue decoction containing bupleurum, capillaris, lysimachia, clematis, gardenia, curcuma, crataegus, chih-shih, and rhubarb.

After waiting days, the four-day course of therapy might be repeated if residual stones were detected. For chronic cholecystitis, a longer course of 10 days was utilized.

Another example of the general attacking method involves using mirabilitum along with electroacupuncture stimulus at riyue GB and qimen LV; see Figure 5. The same treatment was recently tested again and claimed to be effective in expelling gallstones 3. This procedure was performed three days consecutively, once per day, to produce a full course of treatment that would expel stones.

Using such vigorous stone-expelling methods, it was reported that stones somewhat over 1 cm in diameter could be excreted. The largest stones expelled are long but not too wide, with a maximum length of about 3 cm, but a width of no more than about 1 cm.

When expelling large stones, it is common for the patients to experience what is called a "stone expulsion reaction," with biliary colic, and temporary fever and jaundice the result of stones becoming temporarily caught in the duct. Silt-like stones, which are easy to pass because of their small size, are reportedly not excreted well because they tend to adhere to the wall of the gallbladder. In the West, one of the greatest fears associated with applying a stone-expelling therapy is the problem of billiary colic as the stone becomes stuck in the bile duct, especially at the sphincter.

The pain can be extreme and may require an emergency visit to the hospital, with the usual recommendation at the hospital of immediate surgery to remove the gallbladder.

By contrast, in China, the herbal procedure may be carried out at the hospital and measures are taken to alleviate the pain while continuing with the procedure. Based on the Chinese reports of the stone-expelling reactions, it appears that the rapid method of stone removal will not be acceptable in other countries.

According to the information from this review of the medical literature through , the largest stones that appear capable of being passed are on the order of one centimeter in diameter. This size is probably a reasonable upper limit for anyone considering a non-surgical procedure and may represent the maximum dilation of the duct.

The gentler stone-expelling methods to be used by Western practitioners who are not working in a hospital setting may not be able to expel stones of quite this size, since the strong build up of bile pressure and the sudden relaxation of the sphincter are unlikely to be accomplished. Therefore, somewhat smaller than 1 cm stones may be the largest one can expel and patients seeking to expel larger stones should be cautioned about the lower chance of success.

One way to pass stones more easily is to first shrink them. The ability to reduce the size of stones using herbs or other methods is not an established fact.

However, certain Chinese herbs have been selected as stone-dissolving herbs. There is one traditional-style formula that is reputed to dissolve stones, called San Jin Tang , or the Decoction of Three Golds. Jinqiancao literally, golden coin weed refers to a group of herbs that are used interchangeably, and are identified by the region of China in which the herb is found:. Sichuan Da Jinqiancao also called guoluhuang, is from Lysimachia christinae see Figure 6 ;. Guang Jinqiancao is from Desmodium styracifolium see Figure 7 ;.

Jiangsu Jinqiancao is from Glechoma hederaea see Figure 8 ; and. The first two are from Sichuan Province, one being large leaved da and the other being small leaved xiao. The next is from the "guang" region of China, which includes Guangdong, Guangxi, and Hunan formerly, Huguang ; the next three are from Jiangxi Province north of Guangdong , Jiangsu Province on China's central east coast , and from the area of Kunming, the capital of Yunnan Province in southwest China , respectively.

In general, these herbs are said to be sweet, cooling, and able to promote urination. They are mainly used to treat damp-heat syndromes that involve urinary retention, and they are reputed to dispel urinary stones. The herbs are mild in nature and often used in high dosage e. The species of jinqiancao obtained in the West will depend on the market source relied on by the herb supplier. Among the most commonly supplied items in the West are Desmodium and Glechoma ; However, the widely-used common name for the herb is lysimachia and the most frequently referenced material in Chinese texts, as well as the species listed in the Pharmacopoeia of the PRC , is Lysimachia christinae.

The slippery quality is associated with the ability to dissolve stones. No standard recommendation is available for adjuvant therapy, and it remains an area of intense clinical research.

Enrolling in a clinical trial should be considered. For locally advanced pancreatic cancer that cannot be surgically removed safely, a combination of chemotherapy and radiation therapy or chemotherapy alone may be offered. This treatment remains controversial, and various centers have different recommendations based on a number of factors such as size of the disease and symptoms. Chemotherapy is the cornerstone of treatment of pancreatic cancer that is locally advanced or metastatic. The chemotherapy agent most commonly used in this setting is gemcitabine see Medications.

However, in a study, a new oral agent termed S-1 fluoropyrimidine S-1 , when compared to gemcitabine showed remarkably better survival rates and may become the new drug that will offer higher survival rates to patients.

There is a higher likelihood of benefit in cases of widespread or metastatic pancreatic cancer using combinations of chemotherapy drugs.

At specific intervals while a person is receiving treatment, imaging studies are repeated to help evaluate whether the tumor is getting smaller or bigger.

If a time comes when the tumor grows despite chemotherapy, it may indicate that the cancer has become resistant to this particular therapy and an alternative plan needs to be considered. The following chemotherapy drugs may be included as part of the treatment regimen depending on the stage of pancreatic cancer:. Currently, many other drugs are being investigated for the treatment of pancreatic cancer. These drugs include bevacizumab , vatalanib, cetuximab , and erlotinib.

Whether any of these drugs will improve the results obtained with gemcitabine alone is not yet known. Other drugs like S-1 may be found to increase survival times. Enrollment in clinical trials is encouraged. Medications are available to alleviate the side effects of the treatments.

If side effects occur, an oncologist should be notified so that they can be addressed promptly. An oncologist also monitors blood and urine for signs of toxicity. Pancrelipase pancreatic enzyme replacement may be given if the function of the pancreas is impaired, usually after the surgical removal of a portion of the pancreas. This oral medication is taken with meals to aid in the digestion of food and in the prevention of a problem with absorption of nutrients called steatorrhea.

Pain may be associated with pancreatic cancer, and a variety of pain medications exist to help control any discomfort. Good communication with the oncologist and nurses allows for optimal management of pain.

The treatment of pancreatic cancer depends on whether complete surgical removal of the cancer is possible. Complete surgical removal of the cancer is the only known cure for pancreatic cancer. Pancreatic cancer that is localized and may be completely removed is considered resectable. If all the cancer could not be removed with surgery or if a surgery would not be safe to perform, then the cancer is considered unresectable.

If the cancer is resectable and if no other health issues exist that make the surgery unsafe, then a surgeon attempts to remove the cancer. These are major surgeries with the risk of both intra-operative and postoperative complications. Mortality rates are lower if the surgery is performed in a center where a lot of pancreatic surgeries are performed.

Pancreatic Cancer Other Therapy. Radiation therapy is treatment that uses high-energy X-rays aimed at the cancer to kill cancer cells or to keep them from growing.

For pancreatic cancer cases, radiation therapy is usually given in conjunction with chemotherapy. Typically, radiation treatments are given 5 days a week, for up to 6 weeks. Each treatment lasts only a few minutes and is completely painless; it is similar to having an X-ray film taken. However, some patients may experience nauseam diarrhea, heartburn , and related problems during the last few weeks of therapy or for several months following completion of treatment.

Today, medications control those symptoms far better than they used to do. The main side effects of radiation therapy include mild skin irritation, loss of appetite, nausea, diarrhea, or fatigue. These side effects usually resolve soon after treatment is complete within 1 to 2 months.

Pancreatic cancer may cause symptoms that cannot always be relieved by surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation therapy. These symptoms include the following:. I can feel food drop into my stomach and i feel pain immediately. I have to take a drink ,some tums and try again or just deal with the pain. I get nausea and stomach pain but it will stop if i don't eat anything.

I have not dropped weight, in fact i am heavier then i ever have been. Hopes and encouragement for everyone. I have a multitude of issues I've seen specialists and they want to to a Roux -en -Y procedure I had my gallbladder taken out four months ago and have had nothing but problems ever since. An endoscopy shows bile relaxing into my stomach. Questran has helped a bit with diarrhoea but the stomach burning is horrendous.

HAve been given sucralfate, which I am supposed to take four times a day, but can only tolerate one a day as it makes me feel nauseous. I feel pretty despondent at the moment and would like to chat to anyone else going through the same nightmare. This was such a good read. I have never been more sick in my life, until I got BRD. Over the years it has become debilitating, and no one seems to understand.

I'm now down 40 pounds, within the span of a year, and there are days I go without eating. Thank you for this message! I have bile reflux and it is a nightmare. After my scope was done they told me my tubing is not blocked but going the wrong way. So bile empties into my stomach instead of my intestine. I have not had any diagnostics done for a couple of years now and my new doctor is sending me for another scope as the barium test showed bile going all the way to the back of my nose.

See, I lost my ability to smell properly I smell one very awful smell no matter what the odor really is. After the barium result my doctor wants to see how much damage if any has occurred since my last scope. I am taking ranitidine and sucralfate until my next follow up appointment in a couple of weeks. The sucralfate is designed to empty the stomach contents quicker than normal. This is no fun either. With the bile in my stomach I already go to the bathroom a lot.

The bile burns coming out believe me. I was told the first time this was diagnosed that there is no life style change or operation to fix this. I have not had any organs removed. But now I have seen online that there is an operation that can be done to fix my tubing. When I have my endoscopy for the 2nd time I will be asking about possible operations. The burning and nausea and frequent bathroom trips makes every day a struggle. If your stomach is empty it burns and the nausea is very bad. If your stomach has anything in it which temporarily feels better , that is a signal to your gallbladder to release the bile to aid in digestion, which then starts to burn as the food leaves your stomach.

It's a vicious cycle. It is very difficult to want to eat when nausea has taken hold. Some people have pain when they eat, I have relief when I eat until my stomach is empty. And believe me, this disease can and does make a person feel depressed, and often times angry. Eating is one of lives pleasures and this awful affliction makes it a nightmare. Hi, gastritis is gastric inflammation, so this could be due to your bile reflux.

PPIs are great for acid reflux, but can make bile reflux worse. The only way to know if you also have acid reflux is to have the 24hr PH test. I got told for years I had acid reflux, but I don't I've been on Omeprazole 20mg a day for the past month.

I was only taking it as needed prior to that. However, in early November I got a stomach bug that triggered a gastritis attack that took about 3 weeks to heal after my doctors figured out what was happening. I had symptoms that were not congruent with GERD gnawing stomach pain, inability to eat anything fatty, and near-constant mild nausea. I was diagnosed with BRD yesterday following an endoscopy. But, seeing the posts made me feel a little better knowing that I'm not the only one going through this ordeal.

It definitely is not fun, but all we can do is take one day at a time and do the best we can with the situation we are in. Hi, the primary medication that works for me and a lot of people with bile reflux is a prescribed bile binder. Questran and Colestid both have worked for me. Check out this link: In addition to the prescribed bile binder, I take probiotics, digestive enzymes and psyllium husk capsules psyllium is a natural bile binder.

Hi, I have read some of the comments above not all , but just wondering if anyone has managed to keep their BRD in check using natural or homeopathic remedies? Seeing a homeopath on Friday. I have been ill now for 17 weeks and find myself back to square one. I met with a new Dr yesterday the 7 the Dr in 17 weeks and I mentioned BRD and his response was I have never heard of that, like I made it up or something. I had him give me an Rx for nausea and pain, which we will see if it works.

I have noticed that toast does help some what. Carafate worked in the beginning but not so much now. I would like to thank every one on this forum for making me feel like I am not crazy. I truly starting to believe I was crazy. But thanks to all of your input I know I am not. This is a day by day challenge and now with your support I feel up to the task. Hi, I was just googling trying to figure out what's wrong with me..

I've been suffering with this since I had a severe food poisoning and was admitted in the hospital, the nausea and vomiting hasn't stopped since then. I've done all the tests, endoscopy, colonoscopy, etc.. They kept on telling me it was in my head, and I had to keep busy, but the nausea is non-stop until I throw up this yellowish-burning bile.

Noone seems to believe me still and i'm still suffering. What medications help decrease the nausea or the accumulation of bile?? I didn't have my gallbladder removed. I know all about this disease. My DR,s at The V. If you need to know more about me to believe my story you can connect to me at erw cox. I haven't had 1 single occurrence since! I haven't been to the website for a while We have started a Facebook page I don't now if you still run a webpage but the on yo did ave is no longer running.

I would like to catch up with you and the rest of the group. Hi Cherie, I take a bile binder for my bile reflux, which works well most of the time Colestid same as Questran.

Join our Facebook page I have also just been diagnosed with bile reflux disease after an endoscopy after a bout of pancreatitis while also suffering from post viral syndrome for 7 months.

I am a 27 year old female and 7 months ago I was an incredibly fit and healthy person before I contracted some unknown virus and my immune system went into overdrive. I have had liver pains which they mistook for gallstones and so I battled nausea and pain for a 7 months until things got so bad that I was vomiting all the time and haven't eaten a meal for 2 months just on liquid replacement meals being told that it was just part of the post viral condition. My post viral syndrome was very severe but is getting better slowly.

I have lost all my health and fitness and so much weight which was difficult because I was a tiny person before all this. I was at the peak of my life in health before this virus.

I am on a medication called Nexium and hoping it works. I am so happy to hear what works for other people, thank you all for sharing different things that can help.

Enzyme supplements didn't work for me maybe they will later once the medication kicks in. They said I have a lot of damage to my stomach that has been happening for a long time, is there anything people know can help this? Also most people I talk to seem to suffer from this condition due to having their gallbladder removed I still have mine , does anybody know of someone with bile reflux disease caused from a virus?

Hi Sue7, no I haven't, but if you join our Facebook page someone else might have tried it. I find bile binders work the best My name is Tanya. I have had the same health problem as everybody on this blog — bile reflux.

I have my life back. You do not need to suffer anymore. You can read the whole story at my website: The only natural remedy that helps in our case is Bentonite Clay. Please read about it: Most people suffering from bile reflux do not understand that the underlying cause of this problem is multiple allergies to different foods, minerals, vitamins, etc. I even created my blog because I wanted to share and help people who have the same health problem as I had.

If you have any more questions, please send it to my e-mail tanyacha allergyfreeforeverway. A facebook page has been started for people who suffer from bile reflux. You can find us under Bile Reflux Support Group. I started taking DGL licorice about two week and I feel the effect very well - the constant burning of the stomach has gone down significantly.

It helps the mucosa to heal. I also take probiotics and vitamin E; I get all these from the health food store. You can read about them and try them. God is our ultimate healer. I too deal with this horrible problem. Had an endoscopy also which showed gastritis, esophagitis, and lots of bile just laying in my stomach. Normally Im 6"2 and got down to lbs nauseuas constantly its no fun at all for sure. But those symptoms went away when I took her off nexium and put her onto betaine HCL with pepsin supplements she has low stomach acid - a very common cause of reflux conditions and vegetable digestive enzyme supplements.

The symptoms return if she stops taking her supplements. What is that magic ingredient to get rid of bile gastritis symptoms though? Well the answer to that question is proteases enzyme that digests proteins! Hi Matt, my bile reflux started after my gallbladder was removed too It took them a year and lots of tests to fianlly diagnose me with bile reflux.

Apparently it is common, but hard to diagnose. I also started to have diahorrea around the same time and thought I had Irritable Bowel Syndrome, but it turns out that some people with bile reflux get bile salt diahorrea I don't have the gut motility problem like you do, but the answer to that is by taking Motilium You can get it on prescription here in New Zealand, but I know some countries don't have access to it.

The other medication to take is Questran I take Colestid, which is the same but a different brand You need to see a gastro specialist and put this to them. I had my gallbladder removd during emergency surgery after a car crash in oct and have been miserable since. Hi Sara, it could be. Bile reflux is really hard to diagnose and it took them a year to give me an answer after heaps of tests Doctors don't seem to know much about it either and some have a tendency to blame stress as the cause of the symptoms Everyone with this has different symptoms too I remember reading on the bile reflux support group website about a guy who has the gnawing feeling in his stomach and he said eating a lot helped it to stop.

My bile reflux started three months after they removed my gallbladder this happens a lot apparently , but you can still get it if you have your gallbladder intact. I take Colestid same as Questran and this is a bile binder I take one sachet every morning mixed with fruit juice before I have breakfast and it helps.

You should take some bile reflux info to your GI and ask him to prescribe this for you Also try some natural remedies: Glutamine, DGL licorice, slippery elm bark powder, probiotics. I went to a Gastroenterologist last year after losing 20 pounds because I was afraid to eat because I would suffer severe pain in my upper stomach that would last 2 hrs at a time.

I thought it was my gallbladder but the upper endoscopy showed I had 5 large ulcers and severe gastritis. She told me mine were caused by stress. She gave me Dexilant and it helped me. I no longer have pain but for the last few months my throat stays raw and itchy where I cough all the time and I have this constant gnawing in my stomach and have to eat something to make it stop.

I have nausea all the time and when I drink something I feels like my throat closes up and it hurts as if I have something lodged in my chest. I did not hear anything about Bile Reflux Disease from my Dr but from everything I have read here it makes me wonder if I have the same thing.

I just recently read a book about a guy who was suffering with bile reflux and he was able to overcome the disease. He used Diet, fasting and other Natural means to do it. I am doing it and I'm getting the results, he focuses on the cause of the disease and not just taking prescription drugs, which is just a band-aid to the problem. I put to rest the carafate. I'll recommend it to anyone, its called Defeat Bile Reflux on Amazon. The information is priceless.. Also I forgot to mention.

It seem like the longer you do this medicine the better it works like with all medications. And by all means do your research.

There are hundreds of strains of this plant and each one has different effects. Sometimes you need to adjust because you get used to the strain and you need to switch. As you research you'll find out some strains are better for migraine headaches ect.. If your state supports MM a distributor will help you pick the right one or product. So make sure you tell them what your ailments are when getting your first dose.

It makes a huge difference. I still have trouble eating a lot of red meats and corn and things that are hard to digest and stuff. But I can actually eat a wet burrito and chocolate mouse now with out dying! I'm loving life again! MM is also a mood altering drug it really helps with anxiety and depression too. I also notice I can deal with the pain and burning a lot better too. Ive tried to read most of the posts here which is huge.

I have not been diagnosed with BRD yet but is exactly what everyone is saying. I have seen 3 doctors that say they have no idea why I have all these symptoms. I have a few differences for example I don't vomit, it comes out the other end. Sorry for the graphic details but its real. When they tried prilosec and the others alike, I swear they almost killed me. I lost weight so rapidly it gave me low blood pressure due to baggie veins is how the doctor explained to me.

My heart is banging in my chest and have low pressure. All due to the rapid weight loss, I lost around 28 lbs in a week in a half. I am a small framed person being when I was normal lbs. Anything below and my face gets gaunt looking and you can see my rib cage in my upper chest its awful and makes you feel like your dying. I now have my bp under control as well. I was diagnosed in with Graves disease.

I had my thyriod removed immediately and removed completely because of rare complication with it. I was ok for about a 1yr and then this started. Ive had every test known to man done. One of the tests is where you drink a bunch of white stuff and lay very still for like 40 mins while they watch it move through you.

They were astounded when they seen it fly through my system. It would leave my stomach fly through the small intestines and then it turns around and goes smashing up into my stomach again violently, with all the bile in it.

With a scope I have now 3 small ulcers starting on the gallbladder side and my stomach lining is bright red and irritated. I have my gallbladder but been in the hospital a few times wondering if they should take it out.

Never had any stones but it was full of what looked like beach sand. Along with nausea and severe horrible pain from and it varies from day to day my stomach all through my intestines even some days my colon.

I have days where if I'm in pain in the lower tummy I even limp because it hurts so bad to put pressure on one side of my body. I had at one point drank Mylanta like it was water just to control the pain specially in my stomach for the burning I sometime get pain in my upper back just below my shoulder blade like someone is stabbing me from front to back in an upward angle from my stomach.

Not to mention the sever depression and anxiety that comes with this as you all know. Finally My brother in-law suggested depending on the state in which you live and the laws to try medical marijuana.

That it helps with nausea in cancer patients and helps deal with pain. It was a miracle drug! I can manage to keep my weight in check now when episodes come. I don't know if I would have lived through this without the Med marijuana. I had a hard time functioning in daily life before it.

I have my license for it and it does NOT have to be smoked. The best form I found was the cannabis drops. It is the oils pulled from the plant and infused with an alcohol base.

They also have edibles, candies, cookies but if your like me and nauseated anything you try to eat make you want to throw up so that doesn't help. The drops are the best if you don't like the feeling that comes from eating, vapor, or smoking.

Especially like me I'm finishing up my BA in design and frequently need to do presentations in front of people of stature. I don't need to be all buzzed up I need to keep a clear mind. In some cases I will do vapor and those are for they days my ""episodes" kick in and especially for the stomach spasms.

It totally changed my life, where I can now function every day even through the episodes. I don't miss work and school any more and can go out with out fear of needing a bathroom when with friends. As I said before it doesn't cure you, but thank you lord there is some relief so you can do the things you used to and try to live a normal life.

Here is a link to get the information you need where you live. If you are anything like me and are sick n tired of being sick and doctors telling you "here take this or that" and there is no help. Please I urge you to at least try to see if it helps you as well. You wouldn't believe what a miracle drug it really is. Oh and they also have a pill capsule you can take too, but according to most cancer patients it doesn't work as well.

Everyone is different and with what type and kind will work well for you. The last doctor I saw recommended to look on line and talk to people to see if they could find what helped others.

I'm glad I took my brother in-laws advice. It really helps you control the suffering. I hope this post helps and god bless all of us with this horrible affliction! Oh and btw I failed to mention I had been put on drugs from Reglan all the way to Famotidine. I really do not trust man made medicine any more any way. One doctor seemed to think that the BRD is from being overdosed on my thyroid meds for 6 yrs.

Again I hope this information helps sufferers alike reading these posts! It has help me tremendously try to live a normal life and it could help you too! Hi pchall, I know you have bile reflux, but can't remember if you were also diagnosed with acid reflux too?

I'm presuming you have acid reflux as well if they are giving you a PPI Pantoprazole and Lansoprazole. Unfortunately I've read that PPIs can possibly make bile reflux worse Have you tried Questran?

That has helped me a lot with getting rid of the bile faster. I've also had 'episodes' of bad bile reflux symptoms and I've read it's the same for others Hi pchall, great that you are doing better. I'm still taking the Colestid same as Questran, but subsidised here in NZ and that works for me.

Have generally been fine, with just the occasional symptom. Hope you stay well. Wanted to know how your getting on , and have you found anything to help you.

Hi chey11, all the best with the surgery I had one three years ago for a hiatal hernia then my gallbladder removed two months later. They didn't realise I had bile reflux until 18 months and lots of tests after the surgeries The surgery might help the severity of your symptoms, along with continuing the Questran. I have been more or less symptom free but need the Questran to be so I agree with AllyPie, what you eat is important and you need to avoid anything that triggers the reflux I lost about 11kgs after the surgery but I needed to , but gained weight a year later.

I guess because of your existing weight loss you need to stick to a 'weight gaining' regime.. I understand how it feels to be sick of feeling sick. You are in my thoughts and prayers and I hope the surgery is a success.

Just keep on keepin' on ; I've been on a strict diet since my last bout in the hospital and the diet does seem to be helping me at least. So don't loose hope.

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