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The Flammability of Chemicals has not been taken into effect with the pumps. Others, such as Warner Bros. MasterPC — Augmented Reality. Look What the Cat Dragged In. The BimboTech Christmas Special: Bunny and the Bachelorette Party. His probation was revoked; he was sentenced to three years' imprisonment at Terminal Island , San Pedro, California.


マスタードオイル マスタードオイルの概要

Driveabout — The Crystal Cavern. Driveabout — The Dog Trainer. Three and a half Elves. The Founding of Mind Corp Division. The Elephant in the Closet. The Emerald City Trilogy Book 1: The Emerald City Trilogy Book 2: The World According to Paul.

Emotional Baggage and other stories. The Employer Enslavement Programme. Enchanted in the Stacks. The Enslavement of Theresa Simpson. Enslaving My Hot Roommate. The Enthrallment of Jessica Elizabeth Arlington. Entrapping Commodities 2 — Just Press the Button! Ethics for Mind Controllers. Everybody Wants To Rule the World. Everything in One Basket. The Evil Mrs Nicole James.

Evilena and the Angry Red Planet. Evilena and the Peeping Tom. Evilena and the Young Witch. Evilena vs the Ocean King. Evilena — Encounter On The Beach. Evilena—Sweating in the Bedroom.

Evilena—Sweating in the Rectory. Evilena—Zen and the Art of Automobile Maintenance. The Evolution of a Hypnodomme. Ex-Girlfriend Under Mind Control. Excerpts from a Found Travel Guide. An Exchange of Red for White. The Executive Executive Assistant. The Experiment Mountain Man. An Experiment in Therapy. The Facility Alister Remm.

Fall of the Anti-Amerikaners. A Family in Need: A Mason DeGraves Story. Feels Like the First Time. Femme Fatale and the Private Eye. The Final Breath of Power. The Final Interview of Susan Treedy. Finding Myself with Lady Izzabelle. Finding the Shoe on the Other Foot. The First Adventure of the Might Rune. First Encounters of the Sexual Kind.

A Fistful of Sand 2: A Fistful of Sand 3—Resurrection. For a Good Time Call Lilly. For the Love of Goddess Radha. A Forceful First Meeting. Fortune Favors the Wicked. The Fountain Cider Vinegar. Four Tapes and a Fiancee. Fragments from the Violet Hour. Free Universal Carnal Knowledge. A Freshman Course On Hypnosis. The Freshman — A Lesson Learned. A Friend in Need Lord Halat. From Avalon to the Earth Realm: The Comedy of Arrows. From Commissions to Commissions.

From French Teacher to Maid. From Hire Help to Goddess. From Intern to Sex Slave. From Riches to Rags Topper. From Student Visa to Resident Pleaser. The Further Adventures of Louis and Elle. Further Chronicles of a Cosmic Detective. Getting to the Bottom of It. The Gift That Keeps on Getting. The Gift That Keeps on Giving. Ginny Gets a Brand New Life. The Girl Beneath the Skin. Girl Next Door Jukebox. The Girl Who Was Called tammi. The Girl With the Big Tits. Girls and Their Best Friends.

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. Girls With Guns Jukebox. Giving Herself to Charity. Gnome Thoughts from a Broad! A Goddess Finds a Subject. Goddess from the Machine. The Goddess Lauren Experience. The Golden Sun and the Darker Star. Goldie and the Three Breyers. The Right to Remain Good Manners Go Without Saying. Good Morning Little School Girl. Gordon Gets the Message. The Great Pollen-Clanton Debate. Greater Life Hath No Evil.

Greater Love Hath No Woman. The Greatest Show on Earth. Harnessing a Fembot Army. The Hazards of Hyperia Hardnox. Hazy Memories from my College years. Healing Hands and Other Things. Hell Has All the Best Tunes.

Helping My Genius Brother. Helping my girlfriend sleep. Helping Out the Neighbors. Her Position in the Industry. Hidden Hinges—Swinging Both Ways. High Energy Halloween Party. Home of the Lilithbornes. Honey and the Electrician. Hostile Takeover The Persuader. The Hotter Than Hell Anthology.

How Long Does a Trance Last? How Madelyn Became a Good Girl. How Many Easter Bunnies? How to Make Your Cum Addictive. How to Tame Her with Slumber. Human Resources Joe Mama. Humiliation Of A Vampire Slayer. Hyp, Hyp, Hooray Again! Nerd Science Run Amok. The Hypno Show Zulu Warrior.

The Hypno-Domme Next Door. The Hypno-Seduction of Lana. The Hypnosis Non-Believers Club. The Hypnotic Adventures of Beauty. The Hypnotic Adventures of Cinderella.

The Hypnotic Cab Ride Hypnotic Cab Ride 7—Silken Submission. Hypnotic Cinderella a Love Story. Hypnotism in a Japanese Senior High School. Hypo Submission of Jennifer. I Can Explain Everything. I Think Therefore You Are: How Kara Learned to Dance. The Impenetrable Blackness of Windows. Implications of a Well Meant Present. In Defense of Cartoon Villains. In the Heart of the Amazon.

Incident at the Airport. Incubus Comes In My Dreams. Initiation Tim Tom Tastic. The Initiation and Shaping of Men. The Initiation of Patty Ferguson.

The Inraptured Convention Story: Inside Out Julian Obedient. The Institute of Apotheosis 2: The Institute of Apotheosis 3: The Institute of Apotheosis 4: The Institute of Apotheosis 5: Submissive Incest Mind Control. An interesting visit to Mistress R. Interlude with a Vampire. An Intermission Amongst Equals. Interview with a Telepath. Interview with Fuck Toy. Interview with the Bimbo. Invasion of the Nylonians. Invasion of the Nylonians Original Version. Invasion of the Wynford Wives. Invisible Bonds, Gentle Discipline.

Island of the Ultimate Lovedolls. Vice Detective—Black and Blue. Blood and Shadows of the Mind. The Jeanette Journals 1: The Jeanette Journals 2: Jenny, Queen of the Fairies. The Journal of Juliet Samson. The Power of Desire. The Junction Before Abbey Rhodes. Jungle Babe — In the Clutches of Cernunnos. Just Another Day at the Library. Just Passing Through Town. Just Relax and Look at the Light. Karaoke is the Work of the Devil. Katrina Blaze—A Tale of Intrigue. Keeping Up with the Joneses.

Kidnapping, Torture and Pleasure. The Making of a Hypnotiste. The Kindness of Strangers. The Kindness of Strangers Pan. Kitty and Cammi in Church Country. Kneel Before The Mistress of Power.

The Knowledge of Good and Evil. La Belle Dame Sans Merci. Last of the Independents. Lavender Valley — Barbie meets her Ken. Learn to Relax Synaptic Virus. The Legend of the Spectral Seal. Lenny the Lecherous Leprechaun.

The Lesbian Hypnotist Next Door: Let the Programming Begin. Leveling the Playing Field. Lewd Dude and the Nude Prude. License to Give a Nasty Paper Cut. A Life Threatening Complication. Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Sluttiness. Life, the Galaxy and Everything Else. Hidden Within the Shadows. Dark Road to Redemption. Light and Shadows Taming the Darkness Within.

Light and Shadows 7: Light and Shadows 8: Light and Shadows II: Light and Shadows III: Light and Shadows IV: Midnight Dusk and the Silver Dawn. Light and Shadows VI: Blinded By The Light. Like Mother, Like Daughter. The Lioness and the Human. Lip Service Trent Wolf. Literal Learning — Lesson 1: Look What the Cat Dragged In. Loss and Gain and Loss of Innocence. Day of the Night of the Dawn.

Lost Weekend, Found Lifestyle. Love Is The Strongest Bond. A Lovely Saturday Morning. The Luckiest Girl in the World. Lucky Day to Be in Sweden. Luke and the Orb of Thomas the Heretic of the Word. The Madman and the Guinea Pigs.

The Magic Eye sdclassyclass. The Magic of Kris P. The Magical Charm Bracelet. Magical Odds and Unnatural Ends. Making It in the Big World. Making of the Man — Rise and Fall and Rise again.

The Making of Valley Girl. Making the Best of a Bad Situation. Making Them Do Things: Malaking Suso Resort and Spa. A Man of Singular Talent — Keri. A Man of Singular Talent — Kristina. A Man of Singular Talent — Sarah. Mandrake Genstures Hypntically and Manual Override — Mikey gets his first Pet.

Marionettes of Flesh and Blood. Mark, the Brainwashed Slave. A Marvelous Career Change. Mary Jean and Me Walking in the Ruins. Master Chandler and the Bride.

Master Chandler and the Chance Encounter. Master of Puppets Tang. Master PC — Beta Release. Master PC — Child of the Program. Master PC — The Protector. Master PC — Karen takes a Gander. Master PC — Obeying Jack. Master PC — Sharing the Love. Return of the Program. Thanks for the Memories. The University of Life. Master Telepath In Later Years: Liven Up The Meetings.

A Little Something For Dinner. Grocery Shopping For Fun. Is This The Right Size? The Proper Rules Of Bridge. Visiting The Nursing Home. MasterPC — Augmented Reality. MC Christmas Anthology 2. Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Mean Teen, Magic Marble and the Principal. The Benefits of Membership. Memories of Her Boyfriend. Men Unleashed — The Untying of the Kynodesme. The Merits of Military Training. The Midnight Ride of Paula Revered. Married to a Hypno-Nympho.

Milk of Amnesia A Sinister Bent. Mind Control of the Master. A Mind Control Story in Bulgaria. A Mind Control Story in Mongolia. The Mind Controller of Seville. Mind Control—The Confessions of a Telekinetic. Mirror Mirror DJ Pynchon. The Misadventures of The Bear and Spanky. Miss Pink and the Blind Man. Mistaken Identity With an Unwanted Twist. Mistress Amethyst and the Pleasure Brainwash. Mistress Evilena at the Hypnosis Show. A Tale of Two Masques. A Modern Christmas Carol.

Mommy and Daddies Favourite. Monster Girl Mixer — Scared Stiff. More Sleepy Adventures in Crescent City. More Than I Bargained For. A Morning After Amongst Equals. Lessons to be Learnt. The Rise of Bliss. Vice Versus the 69th Precinct. My Beautiful Bisexual Slaves and I.

My Boyfriend Is Such a Liar. My Brother Would Be Better. My Cousin the Hypnotist. My Destruction, So Soft and Bouncy. My Former Succubus 2: A Holiday to Remember. My Life with the Crazy Caper Crew. My Most Difficult Client. My New Girlfriend Ice Bear. My Wife and the Magician. Mysterious Suits 2 — Unfinished Business. The Naughty List Sally Blair. Neighbors From Back When.

Never Be Nice to the Customer. Never Talk to Strangers. A New Addition for Dexter. A New Day Dawns for Susan. New Directions Mesmer Eyes. The new platinum blonde wife. A New Town, a New Beginning. A New World Comics and Collectibles: Nice Guy Downing Street. A Night Hunt that Begs for an Explanation. Night of the Sex Maniacs. Ninety Nine Laws of Mind Control.

Nobody Loves You Like Family. Not Guilty by Reason of Omnipotence. Not Too Tightly Wrapped. Now See Here, Young Lady. Of A Gift and A Confession. Of Pavlovs and Pavlovas. The Offer — A Counteroffer. Office Interview — Replacing June. The Office of Female Transition. Officer Lauren, Police Slut. Oh My Brainwashed Darling. On Cake, Ethics, and Unorthodox Requisitions. Once Upon a Tacky Hotel in Chicago. One Day in the Life of Clarissa Clairmont.

One Last Night on the Island. One Night Out — Turnabout. The Only Choice That Matters. Only Happy When It Rains. Ooh, Look, A Falling Star! The Other Side of the Mirror. Out of Sight, Out of Mind. Out of the Friend Zone, Into the Fire. Pandemonium in the Condominium. Paradise By the Dashboard Light. The Paradise Sperm Donation Center. People Who Live in Ice Houses. Peradvertising II — Relajacion Resort.

A Perfect Match, Every Time. The Perils of Victory: Perpetuating Plutonian Propogation Punishment. A Persian Princess Falls. Personal Companion Unit SX The Pervasion of the Body Swappers. The Perversion of Lady Jane Grey. The Photo of Deborah Grey. Piece of Ass from a Hole in the Ground. Pink Elephants and Yellow Boots. The Pirate of Chrystal Bay. Places That Belong to You. Plain As the Nose in His Lap. Play Doctors and Nurses. Sunny Fellows Water Park.

The Final Bacchic Call. Pleasure Crews of the Ultimate LoveDolls. The Power of Persuasion YummyTiger. Power Players of Crimson Valley: Powerful Enough to Stop Time A Practical Joke…In Spaaacccceee. Pretender to the Throne. Pride Cometh Before A Fall. The Prince Transformed Part 2. The Prince Transformed Part 3. The Princess and the Chocolate Factory.

Prisoner of the Amazons. The Problem with Unexpected Guests. The Professional Victim BlackNight Professor Beck To the Rescue. A sequel to the Smokey seduction of Sarah. The Programming of Andrea. Propagators of the Planet Pluto. Proper Care and Feeding of Bimbos. The Property of Raging Pythons. The Psychology of Bimbofication. Pumping Up, Dumbing Down. Punishing My Brother Rectangles. The Puppetmaster of Weensville. The Pursuit of the Enchanter. And Where Have You Been? Queen of the Silver Dollar.

Raider and the Lost Lamp. Random Tales from Exhibitions. Randy and the Cheerleaders. Read All Instructions Before Use. Read The Fucking Manual. Real Amazons, Real Magic. Real Amazons, Real Magic Book 2. Real Amazons, Real Magic book 3. Reality Changing…At the Office. Realizing the Wet Dream. The Reconstruction of Stephanie.

Red Justice — Green Crime. The Reemergence of a Slut. Relief Is Just a Swallow Away. A Remembrance Amongst Equals. Remote Possibilities — Family Programming. The Return of Frankenstripper. The Return of the Confectioner.

Return of the Ultimate LoveDolls. The Return of Wanda, the Sadistic Hypnotist. The Return to Long Island. Revenge of the Nerd: Riding the Bus with My Master. Ring Around the Relationship. The Ring of Hathepeth-Amun. The Rise and Rise of Allison Golden. Rise of The Storyteller. River City Stories, Volume 2. River City Stories, Volume 3. Rock You Like a Hurricane. Roving Bands of Horny Chicks. Russian Slave for an American Master. The Sacred and the Profane.

The Salon—[1] The Beginning. The Salon—[3] College Days. The Salon—[4] The New Receptionist. Samatha Becomes a Bimbo. Sandy in Church Country. Sandy the Psychic Cougar.

Santa Comes But Once a Year: Sapphire and the Ozark Halloween. Satisfaction Brought Him Back. A Scent of Malt and Flesh.

The Screen Saver bendherovr. Sea-Dogs of the Bare Caribbean. The Secret Cases of Sigmund Freud. The Secret Dream of a Frequent Flyer. The Secret to a Long and Happy Marriage. The Secret Weapon Ice Bear. Seduction Incarnadine, Seduction Incarnate. The Seduction of Cherry Supreme. The Seduction of Penny Ramirez. Selena My Mistress and Goddess in One. Selena the Teenage Bitch. Seven Stones of Enchantment. Sexual Evolution of Sharlene.

The Shadow of Lady Mesmer. Blood Is Thicker Then Water. She Blinded Me With Science. Audio Fidelity distributes the first Stereodiscs to exhibitors in San Francisco. Audio Fidelity to release four Stereodisc albums. February 24, - Fairchild begins production of first cartridge. Nearly all of the covers pictured below are the original pressings. Many labels initially used mono covers with stickers indicating a stereo album.

Others, such as Warner Bros. As you can imagine, those copies are quite rare today. Audio Fidelity releases the first four stereo albums and ships 10, copies of: Marching Along with the Dukes of Dixieland volume 3. Majors hold back while independent labels rush to release product. Columbia and RCA battle over standards. Audio Fidelity sales boom.

We can find no further reference to these Celestial albums in stereo. If you have any additional information to confirm their release, please let us know. Audio Fidelity public demonstration. Urania releases five albums. Strauss Sparkles in Hi Fi. ABC-Paramount releases six albums. The first inch stereo sampler is released.

Music to Listen to Barney Kessel By. Leroy Walks - Leroy Vinnegar Sextet. Mendelssohn Quartet in E Flat. Hallmark releases nineteen albums.

Hi-Fi to release eight albums. Jazz Erotica - Richie Kamuca and his Band. The Genius of George Wright. George Wright's My Fair Lady.

Taboo - Arthur Lyman. The original May pressings have the Stereo Fidelity logo in raised lettering on the front cover along with the sound spectrum chart in full color on the back cover. The later pressings dropped the embossed lettering and printed the chart in black and white.

Omega Disc releases four albums. Bel Canto releases two albums. To promote the new release, Omega issued a 45 stereo sampler with segments from. The first pressings for Bel Canto and Omega Disc are issued in a deluxe box. World Wide releases five albums. Montilla releases the first ten Latin albums. Hallmark was first with a stereo demonstration disc HLP in their initial group.

Atlantic releases three albums. Counterpoint releases six additional albums. Vanguard releases nine albums. Elektra releases three albums. Pye issues the first stereo discs in London. Grand Award releases eight albums. London announces demonstration disc, PS Westminster releases one album.

Cook releases three albums. Masterpieces of the Theater - Willis Page and Orchestra. The King of Organs - Bill Floyd. Bel Canto is the first to release four stereo singles. Liberty releases four albums. King announces their first release. Riverside and Judson announce their first four releases. Seeco announces promotional EP for their first four albums. Jubilee releases five albums. Rondo releases twelve albums. Horizontal and Upright - Red Camp with Rhythm. Stereovox releases fourteen albums.

Coral releases their first album. Mercury releases twelve albums and stereo sampler SRD Emory Cook releases stereo sampler. July 12, - Morton Gould arranges for stereo. Concert-Disc releases five additional albums. The Miami News reports on compatibility issues. Columbia releases twenty albums. World Pacific releases four albums. Crown releases fifteen albums. Fiesta releases three albums.

Vanguard issues the first stereo album for children. Epic announces their first nine albums. RCA Victor releases their first twenty-three albums. London releases seventy-five albums. Chillicothe Gazette on stereo samplers. RCA releases stereo sampler, SP Fantasy announces ten albums. RCA Camden announces three albums. Capitol releases fifteen albums. Angel releases seven albums. Dot releases twelve albums. Coral releases three additional albums. Audio Fidelity sues Stereo Fidelity.

Imperial releases twelve albums. Kapp releases sixteen albums. Sextet in B Flat, Op. Serenade in D minor, Op. Wurlitzer introduces the first stereo jukebox. Stereo singles for jukeboxes. MGM sends their first stereo single to radio stations. Brunswick releases one album. Audiophile releases three albums. Who's buying stereo records? Variety reviews the Lawrence Welk stereo premiere.

Stereo discs should be played loud. Roulette releases six albums. Mayfair announces twelve albums. RCA announces stereo 45's. Stereo Fidelity advertisement in High Fidelity.

Bel Canto releases stereo sampler: Audio Fidelity releases stereo sampler: Stere-O-Craft releases ten stereo EP's. International releases one album. Colpix releases one album. Sumco releases three albums. Lyrichord releases three albums. Stereo Age releases two albums. Verve releases one album. Decca releases ten albums. The first pressings are issued in a deluxe gatefold cover with a record cleaning cloth. MGM releases ten albums.

Salt Lake Tribune on the best releases. RCA Bluebird releases the first stereo album for moppets. Everest releases ten albums.

Lawrence Welk leads in stereo. Argo releases five albums. Sacred releases seventeen albums. Carlton releases six albums. The first pressings are issued with raised velvet lettering on the word stereo.

United Artists releases eight albums. Stereo singles and EP's checklist. Seeburg introduces their stereo jukebox. Kandy releases one album.

Monitor releases one album. Lucky Pierre - Roger Bourdin and his Orchestra. Halifax releases two albums. STLP and Gimmick stereo disks are the most popular. Dyer-Bennet releases one album. Aamco releases ten albums. Lawrence Welk ratings boost from stereo. Jubilee releases ten stereo singles. Stereo Fidelity advertisement in Life Magazine. MGM releases nine additional singles. Rock-Ola introduces their stereo jukebox.

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